The company Lontex trains our drivers

November 22, 2008, in Zawoja training is provided by our drivers in the use of the digital tachograph and driver working time, conducted by Lontex. The training includedtheoretical and practical training for the position, at the end of training, each driverreceived...
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The Netherlands welcomes GPN. Meeting in Amsterdam

Incredibly quickly passed the next 6 months. Between 5 -7 November 2008 was held the sixth meeting of GPN. This time, held in beautiful Amsterdam called the “Venice of the North”. Sponsor of the meeting was Scania Netherlands, and Groeneveld, whose headquarters had a chance to visit. Also welcomed the...
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Fifth GPN meeting in Pforzheim, Germany

On 17-20.03.2008 held the fifth meeting of members of our network GPN in Pforzheim, Germany. We joined other countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Turkey. Welcome on board. As usual, we discussed all matters related to compliance with high standards of...
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