We want to share our news.

Below we trying to present the most important events in our view, with which we met in recent years while operating our business. We hope that this will bring you a profile of our business and allow us to understand the specificity of our industry. From the calendar on the right side, you can choose your date of interesting articles. You can also find them in our archives. We invite you to read. Enjoy.

Narrow Road in Italy ;-)

Today we received a very nice phone call from a participant last ski trip, was impressed by the skills of our drivers. Looking at the attached photos, we do not doubt that she was right. Thank you for a pleasant phone conversation and of...
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New TPO Pastuszak Website

New TPO Pastuszak’s website. Everything in the most fashionable colors and even more clearly. Now you can comment on our “events” and keep track of information appearing in our blog. As usual we have a lot of interesting and refreshed pictures. Also simplified the...
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