Important Things


strong emphasis on care, needs and safety.

Our customers always come first with a strong emphasis on their care, needs and safety. Our drivers are highly trained and experienced to make a difference for your charter. We never cancel reservations; all coaches are provided on time. We are licensed and insured to meet all requirements both in Poland and abroad.

Malfunction – they can happen despite all efforts, we can’t avoid them but we can temper their effects. Being a member of the biggest international bus charter network Global Passenger Network (GPN) we are sure that in whole Europe we can always count on our partners’ help who in a case of emergency send a substitute coach from the closest base to let passengers continue their trip safely. Can a company you’ll be chartering a coach from guarantee that?

TPO Pastuszak Scania Touring 57 


The Scania Touring is a coach designed to meet your needs. You will enjoy full support from a single point...
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vdl futura 57 


VDL Bus & Coach’s coaches are characterised by a dynamic design, proven technical functionality, top quality materials, fuel saving lightweight...
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TPO Pastuszak Setra 55 

SETRA 55+2

Setra coaches have always been at the forefront when it comes to protecting passengers and drivers. And everyone enjoys the...
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TPO Pastuszak Tourismo 55 


The Tourismo is the most frequently sold coach in Europe. Equipped with environmentally friendly Euro VI drive and new safety...
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