TPO Pastuszak

New Volvo Engine Presentation

On February 4, 2010 we participated in the inauguration of the new 13-liter Volvo D13C engine for the Volvo 9700 models and the 9900th The presentation took place at theVolvo factory and was combined with test drive coach on the test...
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GPN Meeting in Bucharest, Romania

On 3-6 November was already the eighth international meeting of members of the GPNnetwork in Bucharest. The host and organizer of the meeting was the company DACOS, a representative of our network in Romania. The main sponsor of the VDL BOVA Romagna.We...
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New Mercedes Viano VIP in Our Fleet

The new VIP in our fleet. For demanding customers we offer Viano minibus with leather seats, tables, refrigerator, cup holders, dvd player. Conference seating, access to a laptop with internet connection, conduct a presentation. By customer request pleds, pillows, newspapers, snacks,...
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GPN meeting in Israel

25 – March 27, 2009 in Tel Aviv took the seventh international meeting of the GlobalPassenger Network. The host and organizer of the meeting was Maya Tours transport company, GPN network representative in Israel. Major sponsors are the companies Irizar, MAN, Iveco, Orpak System and the Ministry of...
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